Waylandscape. Fine Art Landscape Photography of England, Scotland, Wales and Norway by Photographer Gary Waidson aka. Wayland. Award Winning Images of British and Scandinavian Mountains and coastlines. Landscapes of Lake District, Snowdonia, Highlands and Northumbria. Castles, Ruins, Rocks and Lighthouses. Atmospheric Landscape photographs of the UK.

When COVID struck we all had to make sacrifices, unless you were a Tory politician of course. For most of us that meant travel restrictions and social distancing. This is one reason that you may have noticed a gap in my Landscape galleries. Another reason was that I needed some new inspiration.

Recently, I turned back to a genre of photography that I used to enjoy back in the mists of time, when film and chemistry were used to make photographs instead of computers.

Tools Triptych - Waylandscape. Fine Art Photography by Gary Waidson

I was pleased to discover that I still remembered much of what I had learned back then and some of the new digital techniques complimented that knowledge quite well.

I also discovered that many of the artefacts that I employ in my Living History Work also serve as excellent props for these images.

Rather than burden the creaking architecture of this web site even more, I decided to upload a simple Web Gallery that I can update from Adobe Lightroom for you. It’s not fancy but it will at least allow you to see some of my work.

Click here to open and I hope you enjoy it.

Tromp l'oeil after Gijsbrects - Waylandscape. Fine Art Photography by Gary Waidson