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Blea Tarn

& Yew Tree Tarn

22nd November 2022

Blea Tarn and the Langdale Pikes - Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

This was the first trip out after losing my 5D at Penmon. Getting to know a new camera which at times seems more intelligent than me.

I must confess, the auto focus system has me baffled and I have turned off most of the bells and whistles but I am starting to appreciate the images coming off the sensor. Things have certainly moved on.

The weather report was unpromising but we all wanted to get out so we took a chance. As it happened, the first splash of light we got brushed the top of the Langdales with a touch of Alpenglow and this is my favourite of the day.

Lone Tree at Blea Tarn - Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

As the sun crested the hills, it started to light up the trees on the Southern shore of the tarn leaving the hill side in shadow.

Yew Tree Tarn - Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

I may have mentioned before that due to mobility issues, we are often on the lookout for locations that are easy to access from a vehicle and Yew Tree Tarn ticks all the right boxes there.

I suspect this scene would have been far better a couple of weeks earlier with a bit of Autumnal colour still showing but such is life and a note taken for the future.

Yew Tree Tarn - Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson

A bit further round the tarn, this overhanging branch and it’s reflection caught my eye. Not bad on this day but perhaps also a shot for another occasion.

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