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Scaleber Force

Scaleber Force

19th September 2008

Scaleber Force is a location I hadn’t visited before and the difficulty can often be that a map doesn’t always help you work out which way a feature faces for the light.

On this occasion, half of the fall was hidden in deep shadow which created a huge contrast range that was difficult to capture well.

I was out with Jim again and one of the great pleasures of working with another photographer is that often they see things in a completely different way to you.

One of Jim’s great strengths is that he focusses on small details that In quite often  miss because I’m busy looking at the wider scene.

Scaleber Fall

After getting as good a shot as I could of the main fall I started to look at some of the details as well but I’m not sure I did as well as Jimmy at this location.

Scaleber Rock
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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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