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Ogmore on Sea

4th August 2008

Ogmore Castle

I spent a few days camped at Merthyr Mawr with members of Bushcraft UK and Tony asked me if I could run an informal photography workshop for some of the members.

A little research threw up some interesting locations nearby so after an evening chat about the mechanics, electronics and techniques of modern photography I offered to take people out for and early trip the next morning.

After a wet evening and a poor forecast for the next day I didn’t know what to expect but fortune favours the bold and seven hardy souls and myself found ourselves negotiating the stepping stone across the river Ogmore to catch this splendid sunrise behind the Ogmore Castle.

Tipi and Pinto

What I certainly hadn’t expected to see was a Tipi in the field next to the castle and with a grazing Pinto as well it was far too good an opportunity to miss.

Once the sun had risen We decided to move down river to the strand at Ogmore on Sea.

I was most interested in the rocks, with the tide high enough to give a good surf. We managed just a few shots before the light failed and the wet weather that would settle in for the rest of the day case in from the sea.

Ogmore Strand

If ever anyone wanted to see the difference getting up in time for the right light makes, this was a fine example.

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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland