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Great Asby Scar

Great Asby Scar

21st November 2008

There is a memorial stone on Great Asby Scar commemorating the lighting of a beacon in the reign of Queen Victoria. Nobody lives now of the people that saw that fire and the inscription is barely legible these days but the stone still stands in this lonely spot.

I can’t help but think it stands as a memorial to something else these days because it is surrounded the rubble of stone extraction and quarrying on a massive scale.

Great Asby Scar was once one of the greatest limestone pavements in England.

Over the years the rock was broken up and carted away as rockery stone for fashionable gardens.

Great Asby Rubble
Great Asby Sink

As I stand in this place I can only imagine, based upon my knowledge of other, better preserved pavements, what it must have once been like.

In time it may once again be returned to that magnificent state because the forces of geology still march on.

I will not live to see it of course, nor will anyone living today.

It saddens me to see such destruction, but the task provided work for much of the community in the area and it is perhaps far too easy to be critical in modern times.

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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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