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Blackpool International Fireworks Championships 2018

5th October 2018

Back in 2014 I spent a couple of nights photographing this competition but at that time the tower was undergoing some restoration work and half covered with scaffolding.

I always said I’d come back when that was finished for another go but as is so often the way, other things got in the way.


This year, because of bad weather one heat was postponed and Jim called me to suggest we gave it a go.

The weather forecast did not look great but there was supposed to be a chance of dry conditions with an onshore breeze which would have been perfect.

We decided to go for it and we were joined by Les for the evening so off we went.


The dry spell ended 5 minutes before the display started so trying to keep rain and sea spray off the front of the lenses became the main challenge.

We worked from pretty much the same spot I used on my first visit as I knew it would provide some foreground reflections with the high tide.

The breeze carried the smoke off shore unfortunately so two fails for the weather report this time. It’s quite surprising how good they are usually but coastal weather is always a bit more unpredictable.

As for my own work? Could still do better I think but needs just the right conditions.

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Award winning landscape photography by Wayland
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